Weekly Bulletin February 22 2015

Weekly Bulletin 2.22.15

Even in the Winter the Garden Needs Water

Before Christ’s baptism when the Spirit came upon Him in the form of a dove, John baptized preparing people for repentance, that is to recognize their need to change direction and perceive their… Continue reading

Christmas Day Homily – The Christmas Wine & Our Hearts

The Journey to bethlehem for an Orthodox Christian started 40 days before Christmas. The journey is not one physically to this city Christ was born in for most but a physical none-the-less as… Continue reading

Christmas Eve Homily – Eye to Eye

Our Journey these 40 days has lead us to Bethlehem and we must ask ourselves…. what have we hoped to see… or rather Who?  Are we hear tonight hoping to capture a glimpse… Continue reading

Christ The “Open” Door – Christmas Invitation

Glory be to Jesus Christ! (Glory be forever!) How “homey” does it feel here with these Christmas items (in the parish), and we should feel at home with Christ in His Home (the… Continue reading

Who Tells Jesus To Leave?

Glory be to Jesus Christ! WHO TELLS JESUS TO LEAVE? Apparently the town of the Gerasenes.  They should be saying, “Come back! Help us all!” The town was more possessed than the demoniac! … Continue reading

The Life-saving Benefits of Drinking Tea …with Christ. don

Did you ever think a saint would tell you when you are on the brink of despair…. standing by the edge of hell,  draw back a little and have a cup of tea?… Continue reading

Be Brave. Be a Christian.

This morning we celebrate the memory of a saint who said no to hate and yes to mercy when the options of looking at life through dark and sorrowful glasses were all the… Continue reading

Leave-taking of the Cross Sunday, Don’t Leave it Behind!

Glory be to Jesus Christ! Beloved faithful it is at this time we welcome all visitors worshiping with us here at Christ the Saviour Orthodox Church this morning. A week ago we held… Continue reading

What’s the deal with the Cross?

Glory be to Jesus Christ! Glory be forever! Good morning! Just Friday afternoon I walked into a coffee shop filled with customers here in town, got in line and was approached by someone… Continue reading